Premium Reel

The Premium package is built to get you the most content possible – you get 4 mp3s and a Video Montage of your reel. We record 4 full contrasting songs. We will direct you in your choices and be sure to get the best vocal take possible! We will also discuss and choose the cut you want to feature in your reel. Video is then recorded from 4 angles and edited together. We want you to be really happy with your reel.


  • Extra Song: £25
  • Add Full Song Video: £50 per song
  • Extra Time: £30 / hour
  • On Location Shoot: £120

Our Studio


  • AI: Focusrite 18i20
  • Mackie Big Knob
  • Neumann Tlm 102
  • Shure SM57 and SM58
  • Canon C200
  • iMac and Macbook Pro

Premium Package

  • 3 hour session 
  • 4 Full Song Recordings 
  • Mixing & Mastering 
  • 4 Angle Montage Video 
  • Mp3 Version Of All Songs 
  • Video 


The studio is located in TFL Zone 4 in South East London. The closest station is Beckenham Junction, only 20 minutes from Victoria Station. Parking is also available free of charge.

Tracks are an extremely important aspect of your reel! If your accompaniment is bad quality there is only so much magic we can do. A pianist recorded in an echoey studio is not going to complement your voice. Be very selective if you choose to seek out tracks on YouTube. Tracks start at just 99p on iTunes, however, It is advisable to purchase professional Musical Theatre accompaniment tracks.

We Recommend:

Pianotrax: (This is an affiliate link, please use this link to support Vocal Reels London!)


Musical Theatre Backing Tracks:

The answer is yes, we can. Email us if you need any help* however, it is advisable you find the right track for you and have plenty of time to rehearse with it.

*this service may incur a small charge.

Of course! Extra songs are charged at £20 per song. Keep in mind it is advisable that your reel not be longer than 3 minutes.

Upon returning from training in New York, JWP started producing video vocal reels. They were becoming increasingly popular in NYC and we thought it was a great idea. Not only can you show off fantastic vocals but you can show your acting ability. We offer live video recording as well as edited montages. These can be added on to your package if not already included. Please get in touch with us!

We recommend your reel be no longer than 3 minutes. We have found that 2.30 including 4 contrasting songs is the optimal length.

As a company, we offer many other services from standard filming and editing to cabaret filming and event coverage. Head over to our website to find out more!

You can also get in touch with us at

We usually upload and publish your reel on our YouTube channel. You will also receive a dropbox link where you can download the audio and video separately.

In short, yes however due to the extra set up time, we can only record with a live pianist with Platinum reels. For more information please contact us!